We hire based on competence. We hire to give people chances.

ABC360 does not limit or judge you by which school you graduated from. As long as you can pass our interview and training, you can become our English tutor. We focus on teaching people how to use English; so as long as you are able to use the English language fluently and comfortably in your daily life, you have a place in our school. Although having a British or American accent is a definite edge, having a neutral or no obvious local accent is fine. Our company prides itself in our outstanding training department which provides top-notch training to assist every teacher in conquering their weak points, which in turn produces a more confident and competent teaching force. Come and grow with our company now!

We want every tutor to teach in a comfortable way.

ABC360 knows that each of our teachers have strengths and assets, and we allow our teachers the freedom to apply their unique English teaching strategies in their classes in order to create an unforgettable learning experience for each student. Creativity and innovation are recognized as the teacher’s partners in providing lessons which suit the particular needs of students of all shapes and sizes. The materials also tackle a wide range of topics from Teenagers English to IELTS, TOEFL classes to Business English classes to just free talk. This variety helps to ensure there will never be a dull moment in class and teachers will have just as much fun teaching as the students have learning. As we also endeavor to make good teachers into excellent teachers, our training department diligently provides training to encourage our new and old teachers’ professional growth and development. Our training department staff are eager to help address any of your weak teaching points in their many superb training courses.

ABC360 also makes sure that all of their office-based teachers will have their own laptop, headset and web camera in addition to their very own mini-office where they can focus on giving quality lessons to their students free from any worries or distractions.

We let you have your time in your hands.

ABC360 opens its doors to its students from 6:00 am to 12:00 midnight seven days a week. Teachers can have their eight-hour shifts within any of the company’s working hours and can decide whether to work for five or six days each week.

We give our teachers the compensation they deserve.

ABC360 offers rates that are considered competitive in the industry and very satisfactory to its employees. Each employee-teacher is guaranteed a basic pay of P12, 000.00 monthly for working full time and can choose whether or not to subscribe with the company’s Health Maintenance Organization of choice which allows the employee-teacher to avail of medical and dental services within the coverage of their HMO card.

However, ABC360 also rewards the great effort and diligence of its employee-teachers by allowing them to open classes for more than their regular 8-hour shift and earn as much as P25, 000.00 in a single month! Incentives are also given to teachers whose students fix their classes and choose them to be their regular teacher. We also undertake to remit the employee-teacher’s taxes and government-mandated dues, such as Philhealth and SSS, so that the teacher can teach assured that all the basics have been covered.

Don’t miss your chance to work with us!

ABC360’s application process is as easy as A-B-C! Just fill out the online form below to give us an idea about who you are and what position are you applying for. Our Human Resource staff will promptly send you an email or give you a call within 48 hours to schedule you for your interview, written examination and mock lesson.

ABC360’s Human Resource department will also be glad to assist you with any of your concerns and questions about your application, so feel free to send your queries to: englishbreak.hr@gmail.com