ABC360 - English for All

ABC360 aims to become the best and largest leading professional online English lesson provider to young and motivated professionals in China.

As it is not their main language, many young Chinese people often encounter difficulties understanding and communicating in English. They can write and read English but some could not speak or listen to it well. While it is true that Chinese people would really love to learn English as it contributes to their individual job qualifications, we see that the biggest problems hindering them from learning are time and money. They need flexible time and a reasonable price which traditional English schools cannot offer. ABC360 is more than willing to provide them very good English service with flexible time at a reasonable price so that every young Chinese person can have the opportunity to practice their English communication skills. Speaking and listening are the main focus of our lessons. This is done with foreign English specialists through a 1-on-1 learning process in ABC360.

ABC360 Founder Li Jing (Shawn)

ABC360 Mission – Our Promise

With good materials, good teachers and good lessons, ABC360 provides every student with the best online English learning experience from the beginning of each class to the end. ABC 360 uses no less than a smart and accessible website where materials to suit the needs of students of all ages can be found complete with easy-to-follow instructions for each material. Plus, each student will be guided by a well-trained, professional tutor of his or her choice who will ensure good quality lessons within a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

ABC360 is also committed to provide its teachers with an ideal online English teaching environment where they can focus on their paramount duty of providing competent guidance to our English learners without any other hassle. We provide each of our office-based tutors with their own equipment and ensure that each teacher can conduct lessons smoothly in the privacy and comfort of their own mini-office with the full support of our courteous staff that ensure that each lesson is a good lesson for both the teacher and the student.

ABC360 Vision – Our Goals

As China’s number one online English lesson provider, ABC360 continues to provide fun and excellent classes to each of our students with updated and effective teaching materials and curriculum which provide the most recent developments and information in using the English language in daily life.

As the Philippines’ top online English school, ABC360 provides not just employment but better chances for every employee. We strive to unceasingly improve our teacher’s competence through our company-provided trainings and we vigilantly protect their over-all welfare by giving them the most agreeable working conditions and well-deserved compensation.


We hire based on competence. We hire to give people chances.

ABC360 does not limit or judge which school you graduated from. As long as you can pass our interview and training, you can become our English tutor.

We want every tutor to teach in a comfortable way.

ABC360 makes sure that every office-based teacher will have his or her own laptop, headset and web camera and their very own mini-office where they can focus on giving quality lessons to their students free from any worries or distractions.

We let you have your time in your hands.

ABC360 opens its doors to its students from 6:00 am to 12:00 midnight seven days a week. Teachers can choose their eight-hour shifts within any of the company’s working hours and can decide whether to work for five or six days each week.

We give our teachers the compensation they deserve.

ABC360 offers rates that are considered competitive in the industry and very satisfactory to its employees. Each employee-teacher is guaranteed a basic pay of P12, 000.00 monthly for working full time and can choose whether or not to subscribe with the company’s Health Maintenance Organization of choice which allows the employee-teacher to avail of medical and dental services within the coverage of their HMO card.